Misim Song


Artist Statement

I am an artist predominantly working in oil and rice grains on canvas but also experimenting with other representations of rice.  I recently completed a Fine Arts Degree at the National Art School in Sydney.

My art symbolises my Korean identity.  I have spent half of my life living outside Korea, first in Hong Kong and now in Australia.  Living overseas has made me think more about my identity as a Korean.  I wanted to create work that was simple in its subject and easy to identify.  I want the people viewing my work to feel meditative, calm and balanced and see the harmony but also to potentially interpret more complex ideas.

Rice is my subject.  It is the staple of the Korean diet and an important part of Korean history.  Whilst strongly reflecting my Korean identity, rice is also representative of the cycle of life (plant, grain, food) and is widely used in western cultures.

My aim is to convey a sense of appearance and reality, the whole and the individual and the vacant and the full.  There is the reality of the rice grains and the appearance of the shapes which can be interpreted from an entire work.  There is the individuality of each grain of rice but taken together there is a sense of rhythm and movement across the whole.  And there is the space between the rice grains, attempting to convey a sense of emptiness and room to breathe. 



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